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  • Where do you swim?
    We swim at several pools in the Dallas area. 1. Westside Aquatics Center in Lewisville, Tx 2. Flower Mound Community Center in Flower Mound, TX
  • Are there any requirements to be a synchronized swimmer?
    We enroll swimmers age 5 and older based on their ability. Swimmers should be able to swim 25 meters unassisted and feel comfortable in deep water. We encourage you to contact Dallas Synergy to conduct an evaluation of your swimmer and suggested placement. Dance, gymnastics and additional swimming experience can place a swimmer at a more advanced level.
  • What is Dallas Synergy's training philosophy?
    Our goal is to help swimmers develop a love of the sport through fun and entertaining practices starting with beginners up to competitive swimmers. Once our swimmers have developed the skills, we work with them to move into competing with the support of other team members and coaching staff. We believe that fun is an essential part of being an athlete, that is why we ensure our swimmers have many chances to participate in outside events and activities as a team. In the past these have included climbing sessions, craft classes and holiday gatherings.
  • Do you offer trial classes?
    Yes, we offer a Come and Try session for new swimmers who are interested in the sport and would like to experience synchronized swimming. We also hold camps and try synchronized swimming sessions during school holidays and the summers. Please contact us at to arrange a trial camp or inquire about our other events.
  • Is there a difference between Artistic Swimming and Synchronized Swimming?
    The sport of synchronized swimming was renamed to Artistic Swimming by FINA (International Federation governing all water sports) in 2017, but many people still refer to the sport as synchronized swimming. Artistic Swimming is a competitive Olympic sport, which combines swimming, dance and gymnastics. Swimmers perform routines consisting of elaborate moves in the water accompanied by music. If you love creativity and being in the water, you will love artistic swimming!
  • How do swimmers progress in the program?
    Swimmers progress through a set of levels which have increasing skills added as the swimmer moves through training - 1. Novice 2. Intermediate 3. Age Group Depending on the swimmers' skill, they may move up on coaches recommendations with parental approval.
  • Does your team follow Covid 19 guidelines for practices?
    Yes, Dallas Synergy follows guidelines developed by USA Artistic Swimming to allow our swimmers to return to the pool and practice in a safe manner.
  • What type of equipement will my swimmer need?
    Synchronized swimmers need very little equipment outside of what is normally needed for swimming. Here is a list of equipment swimmers will need- Swimsuit Goggles Swimcap Nose clip Yoga mat suggested for stretching
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