Low angle underwater view of synchronize



Dallas Synergy, previously known as North Texas Synchronicity, is a non-profit youth synchronized swimming team serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are a registered member club of USA Artistic Swimming, which is part of the Team USA Olympic family. Our mission is to nurture a love for the sport of synchronized swimming in our team members, while promoting a culture that encourages integrity, commitment, unity, sportsmanship, leadership capabilities and personal growth. 


Established in 2013, Dallas Synergy has provided local boys and girls the opportunity to get involved in a beautiful, challenging, and unique sport. Our swimmers have competed in regional, national, and international meets, and perform at water shows. Whether our members are getting in the water at their very first practice or standing on the podium at the last meet of the season, our coaches and mentors are focused on helping each one develop to his or her fullest potential as athletes and as team members.